Getting Started

VisionLink Unified Fleet is composed of basic fleet information and functionality necessary for the Equipment Manager to successfully manage their fleet. The VisionLink Unified Fleet landing page is a dashboard. The Dashboard is a graphical representation of your fleet, containing configurable widgets that convey information you need to manage your fleet by exception. It is an entry point to other VisionLink Unified Fleet features such as a fleet summary, asset utilization, and asset operations.

Here's how to get started with VisionLink Unified Fleet:

Start your VisionLink Unified Fleet journey with quick how-to tutorial videos

VisionLink Tutorial videos

Dive deeper into VisionLink Unified Fleet with comprehensive workflow training videos

VisionLink Training videos

ClosedPrimary Navigation

Whether you work on a mobile device or on your desktop, you can easily navigate between features while retaining your focus on your selected assets. Move between VisionLink Unified Fleet features using menus on mobile devices and pages on the desktop.

Navigating the Dashboard page

Navigating the Fleet Summary page

Navigating the Utilization page

Navigating the Asset Operation page

Navigating the Location page

ClosedWorking with Multiple Accounts

When your email address is associated with multiple VisionLink Unified Fleet accounts, you are prompted to select the main account (and optionally, a sub-account) upon login. This Account Selection feature is designed for:

  • Dealer users who use the same email address across multiple accounts (Dealer and Customer accounts)
  • Dealer users who have multiple customer accounts under their main account.
  • Customer users who use the same email address across multiple Customer accounts.

Note – The permissions associated with the email address determine which assets are visible and which functions are available for the selected account.

Selecting accounts

ClosedPredictive Search

Find the assets you want to investigate using the VisionLink Unified Fleet Predictive Search feature. You can quickly search for assets using a keyword that matches the Asset ID, S/N, or All (default). Based on your entry, the Predictive Search feature suggests unique assets that match your search so you can identify, isolate, and act upon your selected asset or assets.

Searching for assets

ClosedGlobal Filters

With the exception of the Dashboard, you can apply global filters to restrict actions to a subset of your assets in each VisionLink Unified Fleet feature. For example, you can filter your assets by geofence, product family, location, etc., in the Fleet Summary and focus on the same filtered set of assets in Utilization and Asset Operation.

You can apply multiple filters, which remain in effect until you clear or change them.

Use Predictive Search to select multiple filters in the same filter categories. Deleting the entry in the Predictive Search text box brings back the entire filter category list. In addition, a sort feature can be used to sort filters in ascending and descending order. The sort feature can be used independently of or in conjunction with the Predictive Search feature.

Applying global filters

ClosedUser Preferences

Configure your interface to match the way you do business. Set your preferences for default language, units of measure, time zone, etc. You can change your user preferences in the Preferences page. Your preferences override any preferences set for your user account.

Changing user preferences

ClosedChanging your password

You do not change your password within the VisionLink application. Instead, you must change it while logging into VisionLink.

Changing your password


Notifications alert you to specific conditions occurring within your business as they happen, whether or not you are logged into your account. You configure the types of notifications that require attention by you or others in your organization and how often you are notified. Notifications are pushed to subscribers in near-real time via SMS or email, which allows you to take immediate action to improve uptime, correct behavior, and even prevent equipment theft.

Creating new notifications

Managing notifications

ClosedLaunch VisionLink applications

Launch a VisionLink application by selecting from the App Launcher. The app opens in another browser window so you can easily navigate between open applications via browser tabs.

Note – If the VisionLink app is unavailable, you may not have a subscription for it or you may not have permission to access it. Contact your Administrator for assistance.